Wild West

from by Porch Cat



This song is about the way the US has funded violence against indigenous people through North America. It's also about gas plants causing pollution in Portland, OR being moved to Mexico to get around having to follow the laws and be accountable. It's about how easy it is for people in power to prioritize money over life. It's about people who say they're gonna move to Canada because of Trump, even though they probably won't suffer in the ways that people who can't afford moving will.


They say they'll go down to Mexico
When they get caught for their crimes
But the white of their skin will give them this
They'll live to serve their time

Cause the wild west is not like your dreams
And our progress is not what it seems

They say they'll north to Canada
When our ruler takes his claim
While native women go missing on both sides
Cause everything's the same

Cause the wild west is not like your dreams
And our progress is not what it seems

The cowboy sings a lonesome song
They said he was a white knight but they were wrong
Countless killed in femicide
Unearth the bodies they thought they could hide

They say they'll go down to Mexico
If we poison the water who will die?


from Bad Victim, released January 14, 2017
Chan: guitar, vocals, lyrics, arrangement
Moony: harmonica



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Porch Cat Portland, Oregon

Chan. Mexican-American living in the Pacific Northwest. Educator and activist in the form of a musician, singer-songwriter, artist, and poet. Chronically ill cripple punk, unapologetically queer. Spreading awareness of invisible & chronic illness, disability, Narcolepsy+cataplexy, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobile type), sexual assault survivors and PTSD, race & identity, and LGBTQ+ issues. ... more

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